Building Chambre des Métiers, Salle 1.4

2, Circuit de la Foire Internationale
L-1347 Luxembourg-Kirchberg

Corner of streets: Circuit de la Foire Intl and rue Alphonse Weicker, near the backside of Auchan.

Please use hidden door after business hours and during holiday weeks. On Sundays the hidden door will be locked at all times. Please arrive 10 mins before the start of class. If you have any problems, please call Jennifer 621 406 088.

Parking and Main Door

Entrance by footEnter the building’s main door or hidden door, take a left and find the stairs or elevator. Go to the first floor and walk straight back and you will find us on the corner. Room/Salle 1.4.  Since the main door of the building is locked after business hours, please access through the ‘hidden door’ that is 5 meters to the left of the main door. Please see photo below.

Parking – There is a limited amount of first come, first served free parking in the underground of the building. At the parking barrier, press the top button and wait 4 seconds for the barrier to open automatically. If the bigger parking sign is not lit in GREEN “LIBRE” then the parking is closed! Please do not park in a space posted: Reservé. Take the elevator that is closest to the garage door, skipping the lobby of the building. Press 1 in the elevator then walk straight ahead and we are on the corner. Feel free to use that way if coming by foot also. Please see photo to the right.

Additional parking on the street, 16 spaces in front of the building and free parking at Auchan.

On weekdays – The underground parking closes at 19h58, but you are still able to remove your car by driving up to the garage door and it will automatically open.

On weekends – The underground parking is normally closed Saturdays and Sundays. If the sign is lit in GREEN on a Saturday morning then feel free to use the underground parking.

WARNING – the barrier will open no matter if the garage door is open or closed, so look at the sign for LIBRE in green.

WARNING – It might be possible that the entrance into the garage might be locked. In that case, go to the Ground Floor and use the elevator the is by the main reception to re-enter the garage after class.

Access by Bus & Bicycle

Bus Stop: Kirchberg, Chambre des Métiers

20 – 25 – CN4

Access by Tram – Stop: Alphonse Weicker/Auchan

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