Highway A6 – Just off the Bertrange Exit.
Next to Naturata SuperMarket:

486, rte de Longwy
L-1940 Luxembourg-Merl

Parking and Hours

MERL Parking – You can park for 2.5hrs free of charge above Naturata. There is stairwell that takes you to the street front next to the studio. The barrier to enter closes at 19h30 and the gates to exit close at 21h30 Monday to Friday and Saturdays at 20h.
So for 20h15 classes, please use street parking. Street parking is free from 18h on weekdays and all weekend. If the barrier is not working to exit, we have a badge in the studio or buzz Naturata and they will let you exit. If the main gate is closed, sorry you will have to wait until 6h30 the next day to retrieve your vehicle, Monday through Saturday. Parking is closed on Sundays.

Hours – Our doors are open 15mins before class start time and 15mins after end time. If you would like meet another time, please SMS 621406088 to arrange.

Access by Bus & Bicycle

Bus Stop: Merl, Op der Millen

– 5- 6 – 27 -213 -215 – 751

Vel’oh Station: ST HUBERT – Nº59
147, rue de Merl / rue St Hubert

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