Welcome! Here’s step-by-step instructions to GET STARTED!

We are happy to help you start your Yoga and/or Pilates journey!
We detailed out the next steps below to help navigate you: 

1. Signup for an account

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2. Next step is to have a look at the STATIC schedule for the studio(s) and class descriptions.

EVERY CLASS IS SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS, EXCEPT classes named: VINYASA FLOW.  Please note that if you have any injuries, avoid anything with the name: FLOW. Nearly all classes are held in English, except classes with Danielle EN/FR and Saturday’s 14h30 in Walferdange.

See Static Schedule by Location

3. Book your first class with us. From the Booking page, choose a date, class and your location to begin.  When you click ENROL, the system will prompt you to pay with your credit card. NOTE: Online classes say: VIRTUAL or RECORDED at the beginning of the class name.

Book your first class with us!

4. BUY the INTRO PASS – 3 classes for 49€, credits good for 2 weeks.
This pass is only for 1st time students of YogaBalance.  If you don’t purchase this pass when you book your first class, then the system will not offer it again. To take advantage later, you will need to contact us via SMS or email, then bring cash to the studio or make a bank transfer.

5. Check your emails for the booking confirmation and receipt of your purchase. Didn’t get it? Check your SPAM and make sure that your email preferences with us are set for ‘Account Management’, ‘Reminders & Schedule Changes’ and ‘News&Promos’.

6. You will get an email reminder 24hrs in advance of your class, if you booked more than one day in advance.

7. Before coming to a studio for the first time, it is important to get acquainted so you know how to find us or where to park. ESPECIALLY the FIRST TIME you come to KIRCHBERG, you might need to use a hidden door and not all GPS’s take you to the correct location. Check out out Find Us page please.

8. Please read our dedicated page for anyone that is new to our studio or haven’t been to us in a long time .

First Visit Info, COVID-19 Info & FAQ

9. During and after your first 3 classes, check-in with us, tells about your experience. If you like what we have to offer, then contact Jennifer +352 621 406 088 to discuss the best price options for you beyond the Intro Pass. She is happy to help you navigate our system if you need any help or motivation! If you are more comfortable to discuss in French, contact our Manager, Danielle Ribs at +352 621 785 522.

Having trouble to register, book or at checkout?

1. Make sure your phone or computer & browser has the latest update.
2. Make sure your browser has cookies enabled, here’s how.
3. Clear your cache.