Sound Journey into Deep Relaxation

The Sound Journey into Deep Relaxation session, is a unique and powerful experience. Supporting and bringing your Self-Discovery and Self-Exploration practices & lifestyle to a new and deep level.

We are using a variety of different instruments, from singing bowl, to didgeridoo and other indigenous instruments. They are used to vibrate on frequencies that align with your inner most truths, wisdom, love…

This is not a classic healing session, but rather a space were intentionally the energy and space are created to activate the natural self-healing capacities of every individual.

The session typically lasts around 1 hour, and takes you into a deep state where you will experience a calm and peaceful body, mind and soul.

Participants lay down on yoga mats, covered cosily in blankets and enjoy the soft LIVE MUSIC with eyes closed. No previous experience in meditation and relaxation needed. There are no yoga poses/asanas except Savasana.

Wear comfortable, warm clothes. We suggest to bring a blanket & pillow – though there are some available for use.

Aside from that, bring your OPENNESS, CURIOSITY and no expectations, then you are in HARMONY. Your body and mind can relax fully, and the sounds can reveal their magic to you.

Duration:  1 hour and 20 minutes
Location: YogaBalance – Kirchberg
Registration required: Please buy a Drop-in credit. You can not use your current plan for this special event.
Price: 22€  – 12h cancellation policy.   Students 15€. 


Willka Chaki is a young sound musician from Luxembourg. He discovered his sensibility and talents as an INTUITIVE MUSIC ARTIST and vocalist in 2015, while on his journey through South America in his training of energetic healing with plants and music. Later that year he was initiated into ANCIENT HEALING ARTS OF SOUND by a master musician from the Peruvian Andes.

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Sunday, June 23rd – 19h00-20h30


Enroll 23.06

Handstand Workshop

This workshop is open to all that have at minimum ‘kick up at the wall handstand’ practice with a 50% success rate ;-).

In this fun and interactive workshop you will learn the fundamentals needed to continue your journey towards balancing in handstand. You will learn the basic mechanics needed to kick up to the wall and gain a better understanding of the alignment needed to find balance while upside down. Come and learn step-by-step techniques that will allow you to practice balancing on your hands! Dissolve your fears as you gain confidence to step out of your comfort zone. Space is limited. Taught by Maša Nobilo, a Hatha Yoga and AcroYoga teacher and Embodied Facilitator based in Luxembourg. Location: Merl. 

Sunday, June 30th – 18h00-20h00



Take Your Yoga Off the Mat – Embodied Yoga Principles Workshop

Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) is a practical new method for making postural yoga more applicable to daily life. EYP is used to enrich yoga practice and add a new level of depth to asana. EYP helps yogis gain deep insights and learn practical tools to help with work, relationships and the challenges of life in our modern world far from the Himalayas. Rather than just helping people relax, EYP is an educational method for growing as a person and powerfully improving your life. It’s mindfulness based and influenced by body therapy, dance, theatre, improv comedy, martial arts and life coaching; and brings these approaches to yoga. More here if curious:

This workshop is open to everyone and is particularly useful for yoga teachers and practitioners who have a grounding in asana practice and wish to extend their knowledge “off the mat”. This is not a typical yoga workshop – expect to be inspired, challenged and gain some deep insights into your own behavioural patterns. Maša Nobilo, a Hatha Yoga and AcroYoga teacher and Embodied Facilitator based in Luxembourg, is glad to offer you this workshop fresh from a completed EYP Teacher Training. The workshop will be held in English.

Sunday, June 30th – 10h00-12h00



Kids Yoga Summer Camp 6-12yrs

YogaBalance is excited to be hosting a Kids Yoga Summer Camp for 6-12 yr olds. Every day will be full of yoga, meditation, arts and crafts and of course, plenty of fun! The mini Yogi’s will participate in activities aimed at building self-confidence and self-esteem while promoting a healthy connection with others. The children will learn yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques and will make their own holistic crafts to bring home.

Dates: 15.07-19.07 Monday – Friday
Times: 9h-12h – Parents must pick up their kids by 12h30.
Location: YogaBalance – Merl
Languages: EN (FR, DE & LU are possible)

This camp will be lead by Lynn Frank (British – speaking EN & FR) and Hannelore Rivières (French & Luxembourgish – speaking FR, EN, LU, DE), certified yoga instructors for both adults and children. Our Location is conveniently located next to Naturata in Merl. Free above ground parking. The camp will mainly be given in English but there will be a teacher on-hand that can offer in FR, DE, LU translation.

Monday – Friday, 15.07-19.07.2019



Inversions ‘Turn your World Upside Down’

Change your perspective, turn your world upside down! The inverted postures of yoga are some of the most beneficial yet intimidating of the asanas. You will be introduced to and practice postures such as headstand – supported and tripod, forearm stand and handstand. You will be guided through alignment, technique, proper modifications, and how to activate all the muscles that support your shoulder girdle to help you practice with safety. Learn to use the wall and blocks as a way to continue practicing inversions beyond this class. Let go of fear, we are here to support you! No inversion experience is necessary, this is where you come to learn. All are welcome, but it is recommended to have a regular yoga practice for at least six months or talk to the teacher before enrolling. Taught by Jennifer Crisman. 

New date coming soon!



Partner Yoga Workshop – no partner needed

You thought that yoga is only a solitary practice? Think again, there are many benefits to practicing with another person – ranging from increased fun, deepening of the physical posture to increased trust and connection.

YogaBalance would like to offer you a fun Sunday workshop on the topic of PARTNER YOGA. This will be a 2-hour workshop in which we will explore the basic principles of practicing yoga with another person. It will consist of partner stretches, a Partner Yoga flow and ending in a relaxing Thai massage. This workshop also aims to guide you, in a fun way, into more knowledge about your own habits in relationships, so that hopefully you can take that knowledge to thrive even more in your everyday life.

There are no prerequisites for this workshop, only a willingness to explore a new way of moving and being. You are welcome to come alone or with a partner (whether this is a spouse, family member or a friend…all types of relationships benefit from more connection and time spent laughing together), just make sure to let us know when you arrive if you came with someone.

About the teacher:

Maša Nobilo is a Hatha Yoga and AcroYoga teacher, as well as an Embodied Facilitator, with a passion of using various movement practices as a way of exploring our minds, behaviours and ways of relating. She is very happy to join the YogaBalance team with her unique combination of practices.

New date to be announced soon



Shoulder Anatomy & Alignment

In this workshop we will take an in-depth look at how to activate all the muscles that support your shoulder girdle for making a safe Chaturunga Dandasana that will in time, begin to feel more light and buoyant. This workshop is great for strengthening the shoulders to help create stability and symmetry around the shoulder joint so your practice can last a lifetime. We will also exam how this new information can help you in other weight bearing asanas. Taught by Jennifer Crisman. 

Spring 2019 – TBA



Chakra Workshop – focus on the third Chakra

Through inner attunement, ancient yogis were able to perceive the energetic basis of all matter. In connection with the physical body, there is an energy body that you cannot see or touch but which is the place where your energy flows. There are seven key points in the subtle body that are thought to be vortexes or wheels of energy, known as chakras, and they correspond to the major nerve plexuses and endocrine glands in the body. Taught by Alina Gheorghies.

Spring 2019 – TBA