Healing for body and soul, deep transformation

We are very excited to invite you to this unique and intense body and soul healing workshop.
Yoga – Rebirthing therapy – Cacao ceremony.

🕉We met when the destiny has put in place the perfect circumstances ☺️ I really wanted to try Rebirthing breathing session and Patricia was that person that opened me the door to that wonderful and deep self discovery’s day self healing world with the help of deep circulating breath.
As soon as we met we realized that it was for a reason that destiny has made us cross our paths ☺️to start our mission to bring Light and Love and share it with the World 🌍 hand in hand, heart to heart, together with soul brothers and sisters, so that it would be brighter to live, more happy souls and loving hearts 💕

🌿 Yoga translated from Sanskrit means Union. That wonderful trinity when we connect our body, mind and soul. Practicing yoga is a wonderful way to preserve good mental and physical health. With the help of physical exercises called Asanas and breathing techniques called Pranayama, we manage to put our attention to the present moment, to here and now. This way we free our minds from the unnecessary burden of too many thoughts and worries.
In India ancient yogis with rigorous discipline of Asanas and Pranayamas managed to master the control of their bodies and minds in such a way that they could attain from eating or drinking for days. Slowing down their metabolism and heart rate to the limits.

On the yoga mat we have the possibility to know ourselves better, our self created limitations and boundaries, brake those limitations and recreate ourselves again. Be born every single time when while practicing we allow our bodies and minds to discover the unexplored territories.

🌿 Yoga teacher – Laura

🌻 certified Vinyasa, Yin & Yang Yoga instructor

🌻teaches yoga in various retreats

🌻with the help of crystals, helps to get even deeper into relaxation and self healing during Savasana

🌻while playing with Tibetan singing bowls, through vibration of sound, takes relaxation to even deeper level, helping to regenerate the body and recharge the mind.

🌬Rebirthing – conscious deep breathing
Rebirthing is an extremely powerful guide in physical, mental and spiritual dimensions. It is a circular breathing which helps to cure our bodies by bringing out to the surface the memories we store in our temple.
🌬When emotions are suppressed, they are being stored in various parts of our bodies, which leads us to illnesses – a natural way for body detoxification. Rebirthing – a natural tool to heal ourselves. Through this technique we will release, forgive, love an heal.
🌬Patricija, conscious deep breathing facilitator, will begin the session with an induction: what to expect during the practice, group discussion and setting an intention. After the session everyone will be welcome to share their experience in a safe and loving environment.

🌿Heart opening Cacao meditation
The Cacao plant – natural plant medicine, magical heart doctor. It helps us to heal old wounds, release false beliefs and grief, a true heart opener.
🌿Cacao goes into a very soft and subtle connection with the human being.
During this meditation there is no time to be in our minds as the concentration is held upon a heartbeat and self-healing. The absolute trust with no expectations has to be present during this journey, because Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude for ourselves are the main self-healing factors.
🌿Cacao plant will help us to leave the past with ease, the final step for reaching out to a source of an Unconditional Love. We will sing, dance, meditate and heal with this saint Cacao power.

Patricija – the founder and owner of a spiritual studio ‘Atvira’ (trans. ‘Open) based in Kaunas, Lithuania. She is a certified coach of Mindful Breathing, Theta healing and meditation. Light network and shamanic meditations, emotional release sessions, plant medicine workshops are her main practises while currently she has found herself in spiritual painting as well.
🤗For more than six years she is dedicated to work and help people to release stress, overcome anxiety and panic attacks, to assist in self-healing and finding peace. Her mission is through her own experience and healing to help others to nurture their natural abilities to heal and find freedom in connection with themselves, others and the source. To teach, to learn, to grow together.  Currently, Patricija is leading rebirthing therapy seminars in Lithuania, Spain, United Kingdom.

Please join us for this lovely experience

Questions about the workshop:

YogaBalance – MERL
486, route de Longwy, L-1940 Luxembourg

Saturday, March 23rd – 14h-19h



Sound Journey into Deep Relaxation

The Sound Journey Meditation, is a unique and powerful experience, supporting and bringing your Self-discovery and Self-Exploration practices & lifestyle to a new and deep level.

We are using a variety of different instruments, from singing bowl, to didgeridoo and other indigenous instruments. They are used to vibrate on frequencies that align with your inner most truths, wisdom, love…

This is not a classic healing session, but rather a space were intentionally the energy and space are created to activate the natural self-healing capacities of every individual.

The session typically lasts around 1 hour, and takes you into a deep state where you will experience a calm and peaceful body, mind and soul.

Participants lay down on yoga mats, covered cosily in blankets and enjoy the soft LIVE MUSIC with eyes closed.

No previous experience in mediation and relaxation needed. All you need to bring for the event is OPENNESS, CURIOSITY and no expectations, then you are in HARMONY. Your body and mind can relax fully, and the sounds can reveal their magic to you.


Price: 22€

To keep informed about future events:  ‘Like’ the FB group: Soundhealing Luxembourg. Willka Chaka – Email:


WILLKA CHAKI is a young sound enthusiastic from Luxembourg.

He discovers his sensibility and talents as INTUITIVE MUSIC ARTIST and vocalist in 2015 on his journey through South America in his training in energetic healing with plants and music. Later that year he was initiated into ANCIENT HEALING ARTS OF SOUND by a master musician from the Peruvian Andes.


Price: 22€, please register at Payment is required in advance. Students: 15€, please email your official Lycee or Uni enrollment to receive the student discount code.




Shoulder Anatomy & Alignment

In this workshop we will take an in-depth look at how to activate all the muscles that support your shoulder girdle for making a safe Chaturunga Dandasana that will in time, begin to feel more light and buoyant. This workshop is great for strengthening the shoulders to help create stability and symmetry around the shoulder joint so your practice can last a lifetime. We will also exam how this new information can help you in other weight bearing asanas. Taught by Jennifer Crisman. 

Spring 2019 – TBA



Chakra Workshop – focus on the third Chakra

Through inner attunement, ancient yogis were able to perceive the energetic basis of all matter. In connection with the physical body, there is an energy body that you cannot see or touch but which is the place where your energy flows. There are seven key points in the subtle body that are thought to be vortexes or wheels of energy, known as chakras, and they correspond to the major nerve plexuses and endocrine glands in the body. Taught by Alina Gheorghies.

Spring 2019 – TBA