Journey into Deep Relaxation with special Guest

The Sound Journey into Deep Relaxation session, is a unique and powerful experience. Supporting and bringing your Self-Discovery and Self-Exploration practices & lifestyle to a new and deep level. We are using a variety of different instruments, from singing bowl, to didgeridoo and other indigenous instruments. They are used to vibrate on frequencies that align with your inner most truths, wisdom, love…This is not a classic healing session, but rather a space were intentionally the energy and space are created to activate the natural self-healing capacities of every individual.

The session typically lasts around 1 hour, and takes you into a deep state where you will experience a calm and peaceful body, mind and soul. Participants lay down on yoga mats, covered cosily in blankets and enjoy the soft LIVE MUSIC with eyes closed. No previous experience in meditation and relaxation needed. There are no yoga poses/asanas except Savasana. Wear comfortable, warm clothes. We suggest to bring a blanket & pillow – though there are some available for use.

Aside from that, bring your OPENNESS, CURIOSITY and no expectations, then you are in HARMONY. Your body and mind can relax fully, and the sounds can reveal their magic to you.

Duration:  1 hour and 20 minutes
Location: YogaBalance – Kirchberg
Registration required: Please buy a Drop-in credit. You can not use your current plan for this special event.
Price: 22€  – 12h cancellation policy.  Students 15€. 


Willka Chaki is a young sound musician from Luxembourg. He discovered his sensibility and talents as an INTUITIVE MUSIC ARTIST and vocalist in 2015, while on his journey through South America in his training of energetic healing with plants and music. Later that year he was initiated into ANCIENT HEALING ARTS OF SOUND by a master musician from the Peruvian Andes.

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Sunday, October 13th  – 19h00-20h30



The Yoga Medicine® Essentials Workshops

After decades of working with clients and training thousands of teachers, we’ve distilled the core components of a therapeutic practice into a series of workshops for both the new and avid yoga practitioner. Each workshop section begins with a short lecture on an anatomical area, then moves on to explore its therapeutic application through practice to bring the information to life.

We will cover topics that are hard to fit into group classes, but are crucial for yoga practitioners and teachers to understand in order to help prevent injuries and optimize the way we move. You will leave with an arsenal of information to instantly incorporate into your practice and teaching.

SHOULDER – September 5th – 10h-13h
The shoulder girdle is a common area of struggle for both the new yogi and the regular vinyasa practitioner. The shoulder joints are inherently inclined toward mobility, creating the need to cultivate stability when we challenge the joints in weight-bearing poses like chaturanga dandasana. During a short lecture you’ll learn the anatomy of the shoulder and a theoretical approach to working with these joints therapeutically before moving through guided practices that enable you to immediately translate this knowledge into your body and onto your mat.

HIP – September 5th – 14h-17h
This workshop explores the need for equality between stability and mobility in the hip joint. In a yoga practice hip stability occurs naturally to some extent, but what each of us needs to maintain balance in this joint can vary greatly from person to person. Through a brief lecture and guided yoga practice, you’ll look at the structure and function of the hip joint and dig in to how to individualize for your personal needs even in a group class.

SPINE – September 6th – 10h-13h
The central theme of this workshop is maintaining the integrity of the precious structures of the spine and all that it entails. Learning to move efficiently, with the support of the core, gluts and legs is key not just in a movement practice but also in the challenges of our lives. Through a combination of theory and practice you’ll understand how how the parts of the spine work together with the core and legs, and learn how to move with solid mechanics that allow you to rewrite your autopilot responses.

MFR – September 6th – 14h-17h
Understand what myofascial release is and how it works before learning a few important things to avoid and how to use it on your own. We’ll move through a myofascial release practice that explores the areas we’ve found to be most helpful in the legs, hips, shoulders and back. You will leave with self-care information that you can use right away. This practice is myofascial release only (no yoga) and is open to everyone, no yoga experience needed.

Yoga Medicine® Teacher Trainer and E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher, Rachel Land is passionate about helping students gain tangible benefits from her studies in anatomy and alignment – benefits like strength stability, ease of movement and clarity of mind. Based in Queenstown, New Zealand, Rachel teaches around the world and regularly contributes to wellness publications including Yoga Journal, Yoga International and Yoga Digest.

Each workshop is scheduled for 3hrs to allow you optimal time to learn and practice. See individual descriptions above.


70€ for each individual workshop
250€ for the full course
To get the discount for all 4 workshops, first buy “4 Workshop Pass w/Intl Teacher” from, then enroll in each workshop thereafter. If this pass is unavailable for purchase, than the offer is sold-out. In that case, directly try to book your desired time slots for 70€ each via Bonus for full course purchase: Get a free set of myofascial release balls “The Recovery Rounds by RAD + Yoga Medicine® with an instructional poster.

YogaBalance – Merl

Terms & Conditions
Full refund allowed up until 14 days before. 50% refund allowed up until 7 days before. You can transfer your pass to a friend if you are unable to attend last minute. 

Saturday, Sept 5th &
Sunday, Sept 6th, 2020

250€ for full course
70€ individual workshops

Enroll as of January 2020

PAST Workshops

Kids Yoga Summer Camp 6-12yrs

YogaBalance is excited to be hosting a Kids Yoga Summer Camp for 6-12 yr olds. Every day will be full of yoga, meditation, arts and crafts and of course, plenty of fun! The mini Yogi’s will participate in activities aimed at building self-confidence and self-esteem while promoting a healthy connection with others. The children will learn yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques and will make their own holistic crafts to bring home.

Dates: 15.07-19.07 Monday – Friday
Times: 8h45-12h00 – Parents must pick up their kids by 12h30.
Location: YogaBalance – Merl
Languages: EN (FR, DE & LU are possible)

This camp will be lead by Lynn Frank (British – speaking EN & FR) and Hannelore Rivières (French & Luxembourgish – speaking FR, EN, LU, DE), certified yoga instructors for both adults and children. Our Location is conveniently located next to Naturata in Merl. Free above ground parking. The camp will mainly be given in English but there will be a teacher on-hand that can offer in FR, DE, LU translation.

Monday – Friday, 15.07-19.07.2019



Inversions ‘Turn your World Upside Down’

Change your perspective, turn your world upside down! The inverted postures of yoga are some of the most beneficial yet intimidating of the asanas. You will be introduced to and practice postures such as headstand – supported and tripod, forearm stand and handstand. You will be guided through alignment, technique, proper modifications, and how to activate all the muscles that support your shoulder girdle to help you practice with safety. Learn to use the wall and blocks as a way to continue practicing inversions beyond this class. Let go of fear, we are here to support you! No inversion experience is necessary, this is where you come to learn. All are welcome, but it is recommended to have a regular yoga practice for at least six months or talk to the teacher before enrolling. Taught by Jennifer Crisman. 




Handstand Workshop

This workshop is open to all that have at minimum ‘kick up at the wall handstand’ practice with a 50% success rate ;-).

In this fun and interactive workshop you will learn the fundamentals needed to continue your journey towards balancing in handstand. You will learn the basic mechanics needed to kick up to the wall and gain a better understanding of the alignment needed to find balance while upside down. Come and learn step-by-step techniques that will allow you to practice balancing on your hands! Dissolve your fears as you gain confidence to step out of your comfort zone. Space is limited. Taught by Jennifer Crisman Location: Kirchberg.