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Jennifer Crisman

Watch out her happy positive attitude and smile are contagious! You can’t help but leave her classes feeling de-stressed, blissful and spiritually uplifted! Born in Oregon, USA, she lived 3 years in New York City and 6 years in Florida before coming to Luxembourg in 2005. In 2001, she discovered her passion for yoga shortly after moving to NYC and was hooked after her first class. Yoga was a natural transition from her first love  ~ ballet and jazz.  She has practiced many different styles such as Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Hatha, Sivananda, Yin, Partner and Vinyasa Flow.  Jennifer is certified in Hatha, Hormone, Partner and Yin Yoga. She is currently working on her 500hr teacher training.

She completed her 200hr yoga teacher training at the Sivananda Vedanta Ashram Neyyar Dam in southern India. Living, breathing, meditating and deepening her knowledge of this ancient practice in its birthplace of India was riveting. She loves learning and expanding her passion for yoga and regularly attends workshops, trainings and conferences with teachers from all over the world. Her teaching style is alignment focused dynamic Vinyasa Flow, while encouraging her students to respect their body’s limitations and enjoy the moment-by-moment beautiful journey of yoga. She believes that the mind-body-breath connection that we learn on the yoga mat can be applied to every moment in life. By this, we live a fuller life with greater happiness and awareness.

Jennifer founded YogaBalance in 2011 and opened the doors of her own studio location inside the Chambre des Métiers in Kirchberg on November 3rd, 2014. In February 2019, she expanded and added a second location in Merl.

Good energy and „bienveillance“ while being in the studio. Simply love practicing with you!!

Carmen A.

I love my teacher and the class I’m in; wish I had more time in the week to attend more classes!

Amy H.

Jennifer is a very good teacher and I really enjoy her classes.

Marie T.
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Maura Pianaro


I am a certified Yoga teacher (multi-style), movement enthusiast & community builder on a mission to spread love. Deeply in love with life and the never-ending journey of growth, I dedicate my time studying and practicing yoga. Besides yoga, I love to spend time on my SUP board or do partner acrobatics, anything that keeps me moving! 

I deepened my knowledge during various trainings in Thailand, India, Germany and Indonesia. I then discovered my love for Inside Flow and never looked back. 

After 2 years of being on this journey, I became an Inside Flow Junior Teacher, and now get to assist my mentors during their teacher trainings.

In 2021, I completed another 200hrs at INSIDE YOGA with the founder Young Ho Kim, that focuses specifically on alignment and adjustment techniques. Right after that, I did my 100hrs Personal Training in Therapeutic yoga to become a certified Personal Trainer and have since attended various workshops and immersion trainings – I am an alignment geek and you can definitely expect a lot of it in my classes.

I now teach Inside Yoga style, which is modern and focuses on healthy and anatomically correct alignment. Through my classes, I also aim to create meaningful connections through touch, sharing experiences and storytelling. Empower through yoga is my mantra, my intention is to empower YOU to be and feel your absolute best – in mind, body and heart. 

My current and forever super power is my uplifting energy that I bring to each class, sprinkled with a unique sense of humour, striving to empower and elevate my students and push them towards the best version of themselves.

I believe that you can achieve anything if you put dedication, heart and soul in it and my passion for endless growth, for myself and others, is what keeps me working hard every day and motivates me to continue to learn from our Yoga Teachers worldwide. 

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Véronique Scheer

Véronique is a certified Yoga teacher, aerial Yoga and prenatal Yoga teacher, as well as a Fitness, Dance, and Barre instructor.

She was lead teacher at House of Yoga Luxembourg since 2016, as well as Grace Yoga Luxembourg since 2020 and she was lead teacher at the Amansala Yoga Resort Team in Tulum, Mexico in 2022.

She is quite known for her dynamic and creative Vinyasa flows, as well as for her restorative Yin Yoga. Her style is a blend of traditional eastern Yogic wisdom with a western approach. Each and every class is different in methodology, theme and center of gravity. She is known for keeping you on your toes with a big a smile on your face.

She will guide you by combining her hands-on adjustments with a mix of Sanskrit wisdom, spicy flows, burning thighs, a pinch of spirituality and a big chunk of fun. She will fuse your body, mind and spirit into one through breath work (Pranayama), along with meditation and her personal interpretation of the eight limbs of yoga, coupled with the balancing of the chakras.

Véronique is fluent in English, French, German, Luxembourgish and Spanish.

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Oana Maftei

Oana is a former gymnast from Romania. She discovered her passion for sports at an early age. She holds a degree in Physical Education – physiotherapy and special mobility and a Master Degree in Physical Therapy – musculoskeletal disorders.

She started to work in the fitness industry more than 10 years ago. Her love for yoga lead her to complete her 200hr Yoga TTC at Rishikesh Yogpeeth – Hatha Yoga in India. She continued her studies, and completed her 500hr Yoga TTC – Yin/Yang & 5 Elements at Trimurti Yoga in Goa, India. Followed by the Inner Engineering program by Sadhguru at Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, India and a recent Silent Retreat with Mooji in Portugal. She loves to share her knowledge and help others to feel the energetic power of practicing yoga. 

I rediscovered yoga by coming to Edina’s classes the last couple of weekends. She’s really taking the time to explain the sequences and has a great positive vibe! I love it and I’m already on my second pass! Definitely recommend!


Love Edina’s classes! As always, Edina balances a perfect blend of effort and relaxation in her classes. A lovely way to spend your weekend.  Thank you Edina and YogaBalance!

photo of Alina Gheorghies

Anastasia Salash

Anastasia is a 300h certified Jivamukti teacher, based in Luxembourg. She was born in Belarus, but lived in Luxembourg long enough to be Luxembourgish and call Luxembourg home. She has started her yoga journey in 2009 taking Sivananda yoga classes and has explored great many yoga styles since then. Nastassia has been practicing Vinyasa flow, Yin and Jivamukti methods that have strongly influenced her teaching style.

photo of Alina Gheorghies

Samuel Moldovan

After discovering yoga, I wanted to share this ancient practice with as many people as possible. My interest was and is to connect with anyone who looks in this direction.

As we mature in our own discoveries, we are able to share and make others experience or have a taste of what we have. It is human to share what is good and try to avoid what is bad.

It is just easier to be, in a healthy body, with a healthy mind, clearing some of the tendencies that used to create problems, and creating new healthy activities.

The purpose of yoga is about discovering the Self, not improving it, The Self is Perfect, it just needs to be discovered. This is also why In Yoga attainment is called Self Realization, or liberation, from the idea and the old concepts that we believe or may have about ourselves.

You can improve posture, body, mind, persona (mask), but The Self, yourself can only be discovered.

There are many things that may seem to get in the way of this; aches & pains, unfulfilled desires, traumas, misunderstandings, conscious or unconscious mind, this is also why a Guru is referred also as a dispeller of darkness. Darkness is the unknown, the misconceived, concepts that shape our life and every step we take next. Everyone in your life, who has contributed in opening your eyes, mind, heart is a Guru or a Teacher.

I am sharing my practice to the best of my knowledge and according to the situation in which we are, deeply inspired by Mooji and Sadhguru.

I rediscovered yoga by coming to Edina’s classes the last couple of weekends. She’s really taking the time to explain the sequences and has a great positive vibe! I love it and I’m already on my second pass! Definitely recommend!


Love Edina’s classes! As always, Edina balances a perfect blend of effort and relaxation in her classes. A lovely way to spend your weekend.  Thank you Edina and YogaBalance!

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Edina Alic

I started my yoga journey 16 years ago. Looking back, it has been a journey that truly changed my life. I came across some wonderful teachers that helped me become happier, healthier and more balanced.  As I continue being a student of this amazing  practice, my quest is to help others let yoga inspire them — bringing more peace and balance into their lives.

While on my journey I have explored and experienced many different styles of yoga. At the beginning I fell in love with Ashtanga and now I am totally enchanted by Gentle Flow & Yin Yoga. As we change, our practice changes but yoga is always there and we get to take whatever we need from it at any given time to grow and better our lives.  

I am a strong believer that everything we learn while practicing on the mat we can take and use in our everyday life. My classes will be dedicated to beginners and those of you who have tried and experienced yoga already but would like to dive a little deeper. Learn and experience the power of your breath, body-mind connection, proper alignment, mindfulness and meditation – bringing more awareness, health and overall happiness into your everyday life.

I just love this quote – “ Yoga does not only add years to your life, Yoga adds life to your years”. Come join me, let’s practice together, tune into our bodies, check in with our minds, find what feels good and have fun.  


I rediscovered yoga by coming to Edina’s classes the last couple of weekends. She’s really taking the time to explain the sequences and has a great positive vibe! I love it and I’m already on my second pass! Definitely recommend!


Love Edina’s classes! As always, Edina balances a perfect blend of effort and relaxation in her classes. A lovely way to spend your weekend.  Thank you Edina and YogaBalance!

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Elma Becirovic

Elma is a former professional athlete from Slovenia.  She discovered her passion for sports at an early age. When she moved to France, she started working as a personal trainer and specialised in pre/post natal fitness. 

Yoga was an incidental life changing discovery 5 years ago, when she took a drop-in class on her vacation in Croatia. She loved it so much that she decided to do a teacher training in Arhanta Ashram.

She started teaching immediately group yoga classes and private classes in her own private studio in Dijon, France. Her teaching method is based on personal approach in the group, and alignment so that students can progress and evolve effectively. She has experience in working with elderly, pregnant women, mothers after birth, athletes, injured and she also gave classes to professional athletes (Dijon FC).

For Elma, Yoga is the perfect amount of strength, balance, mobility, flexibility and relaxation for the physical body. She strongly believes that you first have to learn to control your physical body, became aware of it, so that you can control your mind and evolve spiritually.

Born in Slovenia, she lived in France for nine years, where she was following her husband’s professional handball career. After Aix-en-Provence, Mulhouse, Chartres and Dijon, she moved to Dudelange in 2020, where she would like to continue to share her passion with the yoga community in Luxembourg. 

photo of Laura de la Torre

Devon Healey

Devon Healey is an American born yogi who had the fortune of living in Europe for over 5 years, where she taught yoga and fell in love with the Luxembourg people and culture. Devon completed her 200 hour teacher training with BeLuminous Yoga Studio in 2012, as well as level 1 and 2 with the Baptiste Yoga Institute. In addition to yoga, Devon is a registered nurse and certified personal trainer. She has a lifelong passion for learning and continues to take many yoga intensives and trainings. Devon originally came to yoga from a running injury, which helped her realize that all things in the body are connected and led to her passion for understanding the mechanics and synchronicity of the body – aspects that have deeply expanded her nursing and personal training knowledge. Devon’s classes are challenging but spirited, focused on moving mindfully and listening to the deep intuition and alignment of your own body. Devon encourages everyone to work where they’re at and discover new edges and boundaries in a supported environment. She loves to laugh, cares deeply about her yoga students, is a slow but dedicated runner, loves a delicious glass of wine and a hot bath and tries not to take any of it too seriously. Devon lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon USA with her husband and 8 year old daughter. 

Devon’s HIIT class was great, I think people really liked it. She is seriously cool, it is nice to have some of that USA ‘can do’ vibe!!


Wonderful wonderful class with Devon! She put a smile on my face after a long day of work! Thank you!

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Alexandra Melesko

When we treat our body with respect, breathe deeply and move mindfully, we gain the capacity to connect to how we truly feel, thus finding freedom and authenticity. In my classes, I seek to create lighthearted dynamic flows based on inner focus, breathwork and movement that are accessible to everyone. Other than yoga, I am a lawyer, a travel enthusiast and an aspiring surfer!

I would like to mention that classes with Alexandra in Walferdange are one of the most amazing experiences in my life.
She is professional, helpful, friendly and her honest smile eases all the worries. She is patient, observant and sensitive to the participants’ needs – I could not imagine a better teacher for my beginnings with yoga.
photo of Laura de la Torre

Ghaith Khammassi

Ghaith’s journey started in childhood with martial arts, followed by sports science university, resulting in a physical education bachelor degree. While giving lessons as a sports instructor, he started to take an interest in yoga and met an Indian yoga teacher, with whom he had philosophical debates about the connection of body and mind in physical activity. From there, he adhered completely to the vision and message of yoga and enrolled in a yoga course with the Indian embassy. He started giving lessons and participated in various yoga-themed events and yoga retreats as a teacher. Shortly after, he began with 200 hours ashtanga vinyasa teacher training in Rishikesh and an additional dive into prenatal yin yoga. Today, he shares over 5 years of teaching experience with you.

Evguenia Piriou

Evguenia is a certified 300H Hatha Yoga teacher. She completed her training in the ancient tradition at the Ashram de Yoga Sivananda France in August 2020. Her yoga is focused on slow postures with proper breathing and relaxation.

“Yoga entered in my life through my mother that is a long time practitioner. After my first Yoga class in 2016, I understood its benefice towards the body and the mind. I kept practicing with different teachers and a lot by myself over the years. “

Her goal as a teacher is to help her students find their inner peace and connect with themselves through asana, pranayama and meditation.

Alina is an excellent teacher. She creates a warm and friendly environment and explains and helps out very well.

Charlotte L.
photo of Lynn Frank

Lynn Frank

I have been practicing 'grown up' yoga for over 10 years and always wanted to find a way of sharing the feeling of calm connectedness it gives me with kids. Kids are great at connectedness - with nature, with animals and friends. But sometimes with schoolwork and busy schedules they need a gentle reminder of how much fun it is to really be free in their bodies and enjoy just being with other kids. As an overgrown kid myself I need a little reminder too. Rainbow Kids Yoga is a breath of fresh air for parents wanting their child to experience the benefits of yoga whilst having fun!

Alli Perry

Why have I embraced yoga as part of my life for over 30 years? Yoga simply makes me feel really great, physically, mentally and spiritually -- and that's what I want to share with you.

You won't leave one of my classes sweaty and panting -- suffering isn't the goal! Instead you'll develop a deep sense of inner peace that comes from releasing tension and emotions stored in our muscles and tissues. What’s more, you’ll quickly start feeling stronger, more energised and better about yourself.

We won't be doing headstands and few if any of the impressive but intimidating poses you often see on the covers of yoga journals.

Instead, we'll move slowly through a sequence of highly achievable asanas, holding them for a little longer while maintaining awareness of the breath.

And I'll clearly guide and support you every step of the way, helping you to bring your body back to energetic life and vitality, in a safe and gently invigorating way.

So if you're looking for a friendly, relaxing class that doesn't take itself too seriously yet will leave you feeling great, then please come and join me!

photo of Alina Gheorghies

Born in 1971 in Luxembourg, I did my studies of clinical and social psychology in Brussel from 1990 -1995. Since then, the subject of trauma and its huge impact in a person’s life interested me. Especially as I was working with migrants and further on with refugees and trauma victims as I continued to work for many years with MSF (Doctors without Borders) in war or natural disasters. Besides other therapy trainings, I did a training in EMDR (Eyes movement desensitization and reprocessing) a specific trauma therapy in 2012. Coming back home to Luxembourg, I started to work at the CHL Kannerklinik where again trauma was the main issue concerning children and adults. I got the official recognition by the Ministry of Health (collège des médecins) of Luxembourg as a psychotherapist. I became more and more interested in the bodily aspect of the trauma as I continued my own practice of Yoga. So in 2017, I did a training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga at Ingradual in Wetzlar, Germany, where Yoga is focused and adapted to trauma. I was completely excited: that was the way I wanted to go. But I needed to have more knowledge and experience in Yoga teaching, so I started an 200h Yoga teacher training at Way Yoga Institute in Wiesbaden Germany from 2018 till 2019. And here I am, happy to share my experiences with you.

I've done yoga with Jennifer for a year now and I've enjoyed every single session with her. The classes are fun even though they can be challenging. I like the light and cheerful atmosphere, which differs a lot from some other classes I've been to in the past. You feel you're actually allowed to laugh, which is relaxing. Jennifer keeps walking around, adjusting postures, which I appreciate a lot. And it's also nice to get the unexpected encouragement here and there :-)  Strongly recommended!


YogaBalance is the yoga studio I've been searching for in Luxembourg and I'm so happy I found it.. After a few months of classes, I can't recommend Jennifer and the other teachers highly enough. Jennifer has a wonderful attitude and a structured, fun and dynamic way of teaching so that you leave every class feeling a little bit lighter, brighter and benefitting from that great energy that Jennifer brings with her every time. Class times are also really great. Thank you YogaBalance!


As a guy, I didn't think yoga was for me, but I'm really liking the classes and teachers at YogaBalance. I've found that the movements are really helping me have a stronger core and my back pain disappeared after just a few classes.


This is a great yoga school with wonderful teachers; passionate, knowledgeable, humble and kind. Every single class I've attended so far left me feeling blissful, empowered and centered. Thank you to all. You are amazing! Namaste.