‍Kids & Teens Winter Term Yoga Courses

Kids Yoga Saturdays 4-7yrs and Sundays 5-8yrs Trimester Courses

Yoga is a great way for kids to increase awareness of themselves, others and the world, while having fun! Yoga is a wonderful way for children to stay (or become) confident, strong, balanced and healthy. Yoga engages a child’s natural boundless energy and conveys valuable lessons in positive thinking, body and mind awareness. Each class is alive with magical journeys where we meet with animals, fly an airplane or drive a car, grow into a tree or imitate the ocean waves, all in the form of dynamic yoga poses. These classes will be taught in English, with some basic translation to FR. If you have any concern, please SMS us to discuss: 621406088 or email: info@YogaBalance.lu.

WINTER SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS KIDS –  Last classes 22/23 March.

SPRING SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS KIDS –  Our kids program is a set of 8 classes for 160€. We also offer a simultaneous adult class in the small room for parents that want to signup for morning yoga too. Great for Dads and Moms alike! Suitable for complete beginners.

Saturdays 17h30-18h30  Kids 4-7yrs

From 20.04 to 06.07.24. No classes 18.05-02.06 and 22.06.


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Sundays 9h-10h  Kids 5-8yrs

From 21.04 to 07.07.24. No classes 18.05-02.06 and 23.06.


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Pre-teen Yoga (8-11yrs) Trimester Course

Teen Yoga (12yrs+) Trimester Course

Expanding minds and maturing bodies come together through independent and group activities that stimulate teens’ physical strength, emotional balance and self-confidence. Classes integrate traditional yoga poses, flowing sequences, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation techniques as well as self-reflection. This course will also give them some tools for dealing with their everyday tasks in a more relaxing way, make them feel empowered and more confident with their bodies, stimulate their imagination, raise their awareness on peace and treating their body gently… all the while having fun and helping them find their own way towards stillness :-). These classes are more like an adult yoga class, but still lots of fun! The Pre-teen class will be held mostly in English, with some French or LU translation if necessary. The Teen class will be taught solely in English.

Saturdays 16h15-17h15  Pre-teen 8-11yrs

From 20.04 to 06.07.24 No classes 18.05-02.06 and 22.06.


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Tuesdays 17h-18h Teen 12yrs+

From 23.04 to 02.07. No classes 21.05, 28.05 & 25.06.


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Things to know: Credits will not carry over to the next term. Parents should SMS 621406088 or cancel in the system yourself if your child will miss a class to allow others to make-up in your space. You have the opportunity to make-up any missed classes before the end of the term if you were respecting the cancellation policy. Thank you for your understanding.

Registration for new students:
1). Email or SMS Jennifer to check availablility first.
2). Create an account for a parent https://momence.com/sign-up/member if you plan to join classes, then from your profile, create a ‘child account’. If you don’t plan to attend classes yourself, then just create an account in your child’s name with your email address.
If space allows, you may join the first class for 20€, then decide at the end if you will join the term. In that case, please SMS +352 621 406088 to hold a space. Although space is only guaranteed with full payment of the term, so if we have a lot of pre-registrations with full payment made then we can’t keep this option available.
3). Pay 160€ for the term to the following account, with message…Example: ‘Child’s First & last name, Sun 9h Kids’

LU08 0141 4597 4640 0000
BIC: CELLLULL      YogaBalance SARL-S