New to Yoga – I like a faster paced class

Are you a beginner or new to yoga?

Are you in good shape with no major injuries?

Do you prefer a faster paced class where you are more physically challenged, but still get that amazing de-stressed and relaxed feeling?

Below are the classes that will be suit you if you answered yes to these questions.


Hatha yoga is a class where you will be challenged with more static poses – working the alignment in detail, building heat and stamina. There might be a bit of flow occasionally, but generally this slower class will give you the ability to go deeper in the postures – working your alignment, stretching and strengthening. These movements will increase circulation, improve posture, relieve tension in the body, and create a sense of well-being. Breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques will be practiced to make this a well rounded yoga class. Great for beginners or anyone that loves a slower paced yoga class.


BarreYoga is a full body workout, empowering and strengthening both your body and mind thanks to a harmonious combination of the techniques used in Ballet, Fitness and predominantly in Yoga. The class begins with a Vinyasa Yoga inspired floor work on the mat. Once all muscular chains are awakened, Barre workout takes place. This part of the class is mainly inspired by Ballet, as we will be using Barres to work on balance techniques, as well as lower body strengthening.

The class goes on with core work, mainly based on Fitness techniques done either on the mat or with the support of the Barres. Finally, each class ends with stretching exercises on the floor or with the support of the Barres and a lead relaxation.

As we explore the different dimensions of movement, we will build up strong yet lean and functional muscles as well as coordination, balance and grace. It is open to everyone wishing to improve their muscular performance, deepen their flexibility and improve their stamina.